Instructional videos can improve sales

I like to watch instructional videos that explain how to do home repairs, install a backyard fence, or even design a new Website. In just a few minutes, you can be up and running like a pro. The problem with DIY projects is that there are always additional questions that pop up.

For example, you might be installing a new toilet in your guest bathroom, only to discover that the lag bolts to secure it have pulled out of the cement floor.

Now what? You have the water shut off, tools and toilets scattered everywhere, three hours invested in the job—and you can’t quite finish it.

Help is on the way.

Fortunately, there’s often an easy solution to this problem.  If enough people experience a similar problem, for example, someone has probably created a video to help them solve it.

In my example above, the problem-solving video might be titled something like:  How to replace broken toilet lag bolts in a cement floor.  Believe me, if you’re personally experiencing a similar problem, there’s nothing you want to watch more than this problem-solving video!  And the person or company that produces the video also hits pay dirt when you do, as views can sometimes number in the hundreds of thousands or more.

Now let’s apply this concept to banking…

Let’s say your institution has an online mortgage loan center that generates hundreds of new loan applications per year.  In just a few hours, you could talk with your officers and staff who review these applications, and identify the problems that most commonly crop up.

Then, you could create a short two-minute YouTube video that identifies the problem, and explains how to solve it.  The idea is to make a short instructional video for each problem.  If there are three major problems, do a two-minute video for each of them.

For example, your mortgage loan problem-solving videos could cover topics like:

• Incomplete loan applications

• Down payment requirements

• Property inspections and repairs

• Rate locks and loan terms

• Closing costs

If prospective loan customers are having problems in any of these areas, they should be able to find your videos, watch them, and learn how to solve their problems.

Also, be sure to put links to your videos on your Website, share them on social media, and even promote them with Google Ads.

You can bet that if your institution helps someone solve a mortgage loan problem, that person is much more likely to become a mortgage loan customer.

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