5 Google Marketing Tips

As the CEO of Siefer Consultants, I’ll admit that we jumped on the bandwagon early when Google first started offering pay-per-click advertising. We learned what we could, created a set of ads, and waited for the magic to start. Unfortunately, it never did.

Google support for ad promotions was minimal back then, and our ads were often hitting the wrong targets.

While the numbers sometimes looked impressive, the paid rates did not. So, we did what most marketers do when new promotions fail – we went back to using what we knew would work.

To us, that meant e-mail.

Because Siefer Consultants has been in the publishing business for almost 40 years, we’ve developed an enviable list of clients who buy our publications.  The great majority of these bank and credit union officers came on board with us from direct mail sales and telemarketing.

You remember direct mail, don’t you?  Our typical package was a sales letter, business reply, outside personalized envelope, and a big expensive stamp!

With postage, printing, and assembly we were calculating our costs for each of those sales letters 15 years ago at over 75 cents each!

Because we were burning so much money on direct mail, e-mail was easy to like when it came along. The costs of e-mails was almost nothing, plus we got immediate responses.  And best of all, the paid rate from e-mail sales was even better than we were getting from our printed sales letters!

The problem, of course, is that business e-mail is hard to quit.  With 20,000 e-mails blasting out in less than an hour, it is just too easy to overuse it.  So like every good thing, it eventually comes to an end.  If not, you risk bombarding people with e-mail until your entire list has opted out!

Fortunately, we quit sending e-mail sales letters before that happened.  But the question of “how do you best attract new prospects?” is still there.

Which brings us full circle back to Google Ads.

During the last year, Google has fine-tuned their business marketing program and greatly improved it.  We’re on board with it again, and many of the bank and CEO execs we talk with say the same.

Why?  It just makes sense to put your online ads in front of people when they are actively searching for products and services that are similar to the ones that you offer.

A Google marketing refresher course

If you’d like a referesher on what Google offers business clients today, please use this link:


You’ll see their entire line-up of services on this site, but I’d recommend that you zero-in on these five areas:

  1. Google Ads and YouTube Ads
  2. Google Analytics
  3. Google Insights
  4. Google Search Console
  5. The Google Analytics Academy

You’ll also find videos that provide excellent tutorials, plus videos that show how other companies are successfully using Google to increase sales and profits.

And yes, I’ll freely admit that it is far easier to send e-mails to your accountholders than to learn and use all the intricacies of Google Ads.  But your efforts will be rewarded with new prospects and sales that are almost impossible to get in today’s digital marketplace.

And once you do start hitting pay-dirt with your Google ads, that euphoric feeling you get might remind you of those early, heady days of e-mail again!

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