Day: October 1, 2018

CD Ads work best in newspaper

In this age of digital media and messaging, marketers seem to be pivoting away from traditional marketing. Print media, direct mail, radio, TV, and billboards are falling off the line item budgets at many banks and credit unions, and instead institutions are hiring SEO experts who can geo-target prospects through a number of digital tools.

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Refi My Ride loan campaign

Land of Lincoln Credit Union ($225 million, Decatur, Illinois) got members into the summer spirit last spring by offering a cruise giveaway to members who refinanced their vehicle through the credit union.

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Create a better online chat service

During workdays, I always have an Apple laptop or iPhone within arm’s reach. Like you, I value my time and try to be as efficient as possible. Because of this, I tend to choose the quickest way to talk or communicate with a vendor. For example, if I’m having trouble with an Internet connection, I will always call the company if I’ve found from previous experience that it is the easiest way to get ahold of them, and actually solve the problem. In some instances, however, personal phone calls aren’t the best option.

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Building long-term relationships

Every financial institution wants to build long-term relationships with customers and business clients. These long-term relationships help provide a stabilizing force for deposits and loans, no matter what happens in the economy. Plus, they’re an enormous driver of profits. But how, specifically, does your institution and staff actually build long-term relationships? Here are 10 ideas that can help:

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